At $110,000, Could You Get Wrapped Up In This 2012 McLaren MP4-12C?

Nice Price Or No DiceIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

It’s said that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, and today’s Nice Price or No Dice McLaren certainly has a devilishly misleading look. Let’s see if this cleverly wrapped supercar has an equally clever price.

I think the three best-known U.S. military transport vehicles are, in order of importance, the Jeep, the Humvee, and the Dodge W-series 4X4. Seriously, without such vehicles we’d have had to wait for the fighting to come to us, and nobody wants that.

Yesterday’s 2006 Dodge Durango had been redone in military cosplay. It was dressed up to look like an old WC army truck, with olive drab paint and a flat-fendered and boxy snout. It was weirdly interesting, and seemingly well executed. What it wasn’t, however, was a deal. At least that’s the indication left by the humongous 97 percent No Dice loss the truck’s not insubstantial $56,000 asking price received.

Speaking of wars, there’s a battle for supercar supremacy going on right now. In fact, the conflict has been raging for more than a decade, with pitched battles for performance and technological dominance being fought all along the way.

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Not everyone is aware of this supercar conflict. That’s because the possession of a supercar is by nature, an appurtenance of an exclusive lifestyle. If we play “let’s pretend” for a moment, though, we can imagine that we are all members of that exclusive group of wealth displayers — and we can afford to own and maintain at least one supercar. Could that car possibly be this 2012 McLaren MP4-12C?

At first glance, you might shrink back in horror at its appearance. You might think that no car as dented and dirty as this, with a racing livery showing the scars of every on-track encounter, could possibly be the best use of our imaginary discretionary spending.

The thing is, the joke’s on us. That livery and all those scars, scrapes, and sprays of worn rubber are illusory. That’s all printed on a wrap that has been carefully applied to the car giving one the initial impression that the car is not only a track warrior but that it also has been “rode hard and put away wet.”

This midengine monster seemingly couldn’t be further from that impression. The ad claims that there are only 13,425 miles on this McLaren, and that it has been meticulously maintained over the course of those miles. Most notable of that work, the ad notes, was the undertaking of the factory-recommended five-year inspection and service in 2018.

The car beneath the Can-Am-inspired wrap is painted Carbon Black, and that is complemented by black-painted wheels and a similarly hued all-leather interior. The car rolls on Pirelli P-Zero rubber bands that frame hefty brakes with orange-painted calipers.

The faux racer look of the exterior doesn’t extend inside. The interior of the car is, in fact, surprisingly stock with nary an aftermarket harness or fire extinguisher in sight.

The MP4-12C is built around a large carbon-fiber tub that makes up the passenger cell. The tub demands a bit of Cirque du Soleil maneuvering for ingress or egress. Women in short skirts and dudes rocking extreme dad bods should consider themselves forewarned.

Once in, you’ll find a cabin that presents in as-new shape, looking appreciably last decade. The vertically oriented center screen was a unique aspect of the MP4-12C’s dash when it launched, but feels a little anachronistic now. Those wishing for a gated manual gearbox in their imaginary supercar will be disappointed here, as the 12C was offered with only a seven-speed dual-clutch Seamless Shift Gearbox activated by the behind-the-wheel paddles.

That transmission sits behind the 12C’s M838T engine. This 3.8 liter V8 sports a turbo for each bank and as fitted makes a stellar 592 horsepower and 443 lb-ft of torque. That’s good enough to rocket the 12C to 60 from a standstill in less than three seconds. The whole thing is supported by McLaren’s innovative Pro-Active chassis, which substitutes interconnected hydraulics for metal springs and roll bars.

This is a dealer-offered car and is claimed by that dealer to have been “fastidiously maintained and looked after by its current and second owner.” It apparently needs nothing, and with the wrap and black paint underneath is actually like getting two cars in one. The title is clean, and the asking price is $110,000.

OK, so that $110k is a lot of cabbage. Hell, that’s like two years tuition at an Ivy. Just remember, we’re not actually going to be spending that. This is a theoretical exercise, so no one will be on the hook for that sizable sum.

Someone of means, however, will be. That’s just the onus of wealth and leading a privileged life. For those people, we now need to decide if this wrapped McLaren is worth that $110,000 asking. What do you say, does this 12C warrant that kind of money with its hilarious wrap? Or, does that price make this a McLoser?

You decide!

eBay out of Southampton, New York, or go here if the ad disappears.

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