Awkward moment Daisy dumps Curtis after he quizzes her about her favourite sex position

EVEN they got on like a house on fire straight out of the gates, it seems things will fizzle for The Cabins’ Daisy and Curtis.

Viewers were hopeful for the young couple who seemed to have good banter, like each other a lot and even shared a bedroom snog on their first night together.


Daisy, 23, has been a huge hit on ITV2’s The CabinsCredit: ITV2

But it looks like their second day in Otter’s Pocket is certainly not another day in paradise.

Curtis, 22, and Daisy, 23, spend their first official day together trying their hand at sausage making. 

While a few funny innuendos are inevitable, Daisy is not impressed with Curtis’ banging on with his dirty jokes.

Texting her friend, Daisy write: “He was quite vulgar. Like vulgar past the point and it has really put me off!”


Recruitment consultant Curtis, 22, grilled her about her favourite sex positionCredit: ITV


But Daisy wasn’t keen to talk about it with himCredit: ITV

They later decided to take a dip in the hot tub and play a game of truth or dare.

After some discussion of their reasons for wanting a relationship, Curtis asks: “What is your favourite sex position?”

Daisy does not want to say because she has “boundaries” and out of respect for the one sexual partner she’s had.

Curtis respects that and does not ask any more on the matter.


She was then totally grossed out by him making non-stop innuendos during their sausage making classCredit: ITV

Diving in to his favourite past time on The Cabins, Curtis chats to one of his mates at home while taking a bubble bath.

He’s pretty pleased how things are moving along with Daisy saying, “it’s easy, no silences, she’s so sociable.” 

But things got awkward when they were talking about whether or not to stay another day.


Their date started off with Daisy hiding in a giant teddy bear costume and giving Curtis a frightCredit: ITV2

“Serious question. If we had to choose now whether to stay again another day, what is your answer?” Curtis asks Daisy.

She replies honestly: “My answer is no but it’s not a bad no. It’s more of a ‘I want to see outside the cabin no’.”


Daisy as a huge hit on Twitter with viewers of The CabinsCredit: ITV


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But Daisy admits she hasn’t 100% decided and that he’ll have to wait until the morning for her final decision. 

They have a kiss and cuddle in bed before going to sleep and waking up to make a decision about their future together.

The show which has been dubbed Winter Love Island gives couples 24 hours at a time to try and find love.

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The Cabins’ Curtis gets fright as Daisy hides inside a giant teddy bear to scare him