Best Face Masks

With state after state mandating that we all wear face coverings in public, it’s never been more important than now to find one you like. The CDC continues to recommend face coverings and social distancing to fight the on-going COVID-19 pandemic, which means you should have a few face masks at your disposal. We’ve done a lot of research over the last couple of weeks to find the best ones for anyone looking to upgrade their face masks. Now, all that research is in one place. You can find masks here for all kinds of occasions and some of our favorites that the Scouted team uses on a daily basis. Stay safe!

Exercising with a mask on is easy if you find a mask that works for you. These are breathable, moisture-wicking, and will keep you and those around you safe while you work up a sweat.

Mission Cooling Neck Gaiter

Chances are, you’ll have somewhere to go where a plain ol’ mask just won’t do. These masks take a little more style into consideration, but will still keep you inline with CDC recommendations.

Three-Pack Non-Medical Face Masks

These are the masks that the Scouted team uses on a daily basis. They’re comfortable, breathable, and should be part of your day-to-day life.

Wear a face mask like you would a pair of underwear. Having a few different options on hand is a great way to stay safe without having to re-use a dirty mask before you get a chance to properly clean it.

Amour Vert Face Mask Pack

Face Masks with Nose Clips

Nose clips can help keep your mask securely fitting to your face, as well as help with fogged lenses on glasses. Just pinch the metal piece to fit tightly to the bridge of your nose and you’re good to go.

Machine Washable Face Masks

A machine washable face mask can help you keep yourself clean and safe. Just toss these into your washing machine and hang to dry. When washing, make sure your mask is 100% dry before wearing it outside again.

Buck Mason Knit Bandana Mask

Mission Cooling Neck Gaiter

Give yourself and your ears a break. If you have a sensitivity to wearing elastic around your ears, these masks with soft ties that forgo the ears are your best options. Just tie them tightly behind your head.

Levi’s Re-Usable Reversible Face Mask (Pack of 3)

Parachute Face Masks, Set of 5

Amadi Tie-Back Reusable Face Masks, Set of 2

5 Pack Pleated Cotton Face Mask

If you don’t really know how to sew, buying a face mask online is your next best option. Plenty of brands are pivoting their businesses and creating masks that also donate masks to others in need. One of the biggest pivots has been on Etsy, where small businesses are using their skills to craft masks.

CodeBlueLeather Cotton Face Mask

EssentiaSoapsStore Reusable Face Masks

MngrmCreateWorkshop Cotton 4-Layer Washable Face Mask

Sundayritualdesign Men’s Face Mask

BKBTailors 100% Cotton Mask

Wrangling your kids to go someplace is a hassle, so don’t make finding a kid-friendly face mask one too. These are some of the most comfortable masks, made just for kids’ faces.

Children’s Rainbow Face Coverings

The Purple Face Mask 2-Pack

Variety 5-Pack of Triple-Layer Cloth Face Masks for Kids

Steele Canvas x Food52 Cloth Face Mask

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