Brexit news latest – Boris Johnson signs trade deal after MPs approve historic agreement


Former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, has published a statement on his Facebook page detailing why he did not vote for the Brexit trade bill.

The statement reads: “Whilst the public debate has been dominated by issues of fishing – and in the end there is a five-year extension on that matter – other matters however have received no scrutiny or debate, despite being crucial to the society we wish to be and the country we must build over the coming years.

Of particular importance from a progressive perspective, is that far from protecting workers rights, and environmental standards, they apparently are dependent on whether or not they have any effect on ‘trade or investment’.

Indeed, Johnson confirmed this morning there would be no keeping up with any future alignment with the EU. We know what the Conservative agenda on these rights mean – they have never missed an opportunity to further exploit workers and our environment, and they have sought to create an opportunity for themselves in what they have negotiated …

There has also been a claim that Johnson wanted to be free from the EU state aid rules, briefing that they were restrictive of government intervention to support economic development.

My belief has always been that these are restrictive and would hamper a progressive Labour government trying to regenerate the most left behind parts of Britain – but this deal does not break free of state aid or public procurement restrictions, or of commitments to competition and privatisation of public services. They are baked into the deal.”