Brisbane lockdown sends Heat to Adelaide early as teams play border cat-and-mouse

The Heat were already scheduled to come to Adelaide for a hub, but the early exit from Brisbane meant a long six days doing little except waiting in their hotel for a round of rapid-fire games, which are start on Thursday against the Giants.

They then play the Bandits on Friday, have a double-header against both on Saturday, play them each again on Monday, before single games against Brisbane on Tuesday and Adelaide on Wednesday.

Pending any further COVID-19 disruption, the Heat will return to Perth to begin a run of home matches at Empire Ballpark starting Saturday January 23 against the Giants.

Manager Andy Kyle said he was pleased with the way his squad had handled the constant upheaval and hoped for smooth sailing over the coming weeks, with a championship in the ABL to still be played for – and won.

“I think everyone is holding up as good as you could hope. Obviously the guys are frustrated, which is totally understandable but again it’s just about not being sure what’s going to happen,” Kyle said.

“We don’t know when we can get back to Perth, we don’t know how long we’re staying in Adelaide and don’t know what is in front us yet. That is tough for the guys to deal with these consistent up-and-down changes so it’s tough to get into a routine.

“Having now played minimal games and with guys having gone through quarantine, doing more time in quarantine is the last thing we want to have to do.

“That would be the worst-case scenario right now but the main focus is to get some games in this week and then find out what’s happening the week after. But really playing games is a bonus and the health and safety of everyone in the team and the community is what comes first.”

After arriving in Adelaide on Friday night, the Heat weren’t allowed out of their hotel until all players had tested negative to COVID-19, and then were able to find a venue in Adelaide to train and get ready to play games again.

“The toughest part about all this is right now when we are just sitting around waiting for the results. We can’t do anything until everyone tests negative and we can’t really plan ahead because it literally is a day-by-day process,” Kyle said.

Perth Heat’s Adelaide hub games:

All games played at Dicolor Australia Stadium, Live on Fox Sports and Kayo. Listed in WST.

  • Perth Heat v Adelaide Giants, 4.50pm
  • Heat v Brisbane Bandits, 10am
  • Heat v Bandits, 10am
  • Heat v Giants, 4.50pm
  • Heat v Bandits, 8am
  • Heat v Giants, 12pm
  • Heat v Bandits, 8am
  • Heat v Giants, 8am

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