Bulka: In praise of Ottawa’s health care, from an ‘insider’

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Sometimes we actually find it difficult to say nice things. But I have great difficulty finding anything not nice to say about the system as I have experienced it from the other side. Without any exaggeration, I can affirm that no one in the entire array of health-care providers has been anything less than excellent, sensitive and supportive. I am referring to the medical team – the physicians, nurses and therapists. But it extends equally to the attendants, the cleaners, indeed the entire staff who cheerfully bring me my meals and attend to cleaning the rooms, contributing to the management of such a complex operation.

All of them play a vital role in my care – and the care of all the other patients receiving treatment at The Ottawa Hospital. Without exception, they have demonstrated the deepest sense of commitment. Their dedication is beyond incredible. Their selflessness and devotion are beyond reproach.

These are not just my impression. This is the evidence I have collected regarding my own experience and that which I have observed in my self-appointed capacity as a spy. Everyone in this system cares, and everyone in this system demonstrates devotion to a shared mission. Everyone is understanding. Everyone is kind. If I were to look with a powerful microscope, I would be hard-pressed to find a flaw in the delivery of health care. To be sure, as I noted above, no system is perfect, but we are pretty close and have so very much to be proud of in the way health care is provided in our community.