Cohen: Trump faces political, legal and financial purgatory

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Meanwhile, Biden will rescind Trump’s executive orders, move to raise taxes and appoint moderate judges. Trump will watch the dismantling of his legacy, squirming when the files are opened. What evidence of incompetence and malfeasance will emerge?

After the legislators and the law, the third horseman of Trump’s Apocalypse are his creditors, with a debt of at least $1 billion. Deutsche Bank is just one institution that has dropped Trump. All want their money. Then there is the revenge of corporate America, from Twitter to Shopify, which is abandoning Trump’s brand.

As Trump goes down, watch Republicans disown him. This began with Liz Cheney, the third-ranking House Republican, and her nine colleagues who voted to impeach. If convicting Trump in the Senate makes political sense, Mitch McConnell will do it.

Hypocrisy? Of course. McConnell and the Vichy Republicans were charter collaborators. But with the occupation over, these Pétaintistes are adjusting to the new order.

The question is whether their chances of retaking the Senate in 2022 are better without Trump, whom they blame for losing both seats in Georgia. Republicans will defend 20 of 34 seats, including Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, which Biden won, as well as North Carolina and Iowa. All are vulnerable.

The Republicans are unsentimental. They have what they wanted from Trump: three new conservatives on the Supreme Court and scores on the lower courts. They got tax cuts, deregulation and tighter borders.

There was a price. Under Trump, the Republicans have lost the House, the Senate and the presidency. Trump has twice lost the popular vote by record margins. Now he’s been impeached twice, which is unprecedented.

He’s the biggest loser in America. And now, life is presenting a bill.

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Andrew Cohen is a journalist, professor and author of Two Days in June: John F. Kennedy and the 48 Hours That Made History.