Corey Lewandowski Is Pushing a New, Trumpy Political Project

Former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski appears to be mounting a new political effort that will promote his former boss’s political brand after he leaves office—and help elect “Trump-like” candidates going forward.

The new PAC is called Fight Back Now America, and it’s pledging to go to bat for Republican Senators in next month’s Georgia runoff elections, and continue backing Trump-allied candidates in future election cycles. Its website describes the group as “a no holds barred political action committee that will lead the fight to beat back the radical socialists who hate America, while supporting America First Trump candidates committed to advancing the MAGA agenda. To emphasize the point, viewers are greeted with the image of a boxing ring.

Lewandowksi’s role with the group is not entirely clear. But its website and online donation page feature a photo of him speaking at Trump’s side. The source code for the website’s stock image includes a URL with the phrase “CoreyBackgroundWebsite.” He is one of only two people—and the first of the two—who had tweeted a link to the group’s website as of Thursday morning, calling Fight Back Now America “a great place to donate to help fight the radical left.” And fundraising text messages for the group that have been going out from dozens of phone numbers this month read, “Corey Lewandowski: President Trump taught all of us how to FIGHT BACK. Click here to join our fight!”