Coronavirus UK news latest – ‘Covid loves a crowd’, Brits warned on NYE as 45 million wake up in harsh Tier 4 lockdown


Robert Halfon, Conservative MP for Harlow and chairmen of the Education Select Committee, has called for teachers to be made a priority for vaccinations against Covid-19.

He told BBC Breakfast: “What I also want to see is teachers, especially now that we’ve got the Oxford vaccine, that teachers and support staff are made an absolute priority for vaccinations because if we can make sure that they’re vaccinated and they’re safe, it’s less likely that schools will have to close.

“This two weeks has to mean two weeks – schools can’t just be a revolving door that never stands still, open one day, shut the next, because it’s very damaging to the life chances of these pupils.”

Discussing the rollout of testing in schools, he said: “If we can roll all that out and two weeks really means two weeks, then perhaps I can understand the decision that has been made, but we can’t continue to damage the life chances of children.

“We know that remote learning, whatever the efforts of teachers and schools, is sometimes quite patchy. We know that millions of children had barely any learning in the last lockdown and there is no substitute, no substitute at all for being at school.”