Cover Story: 10 steps to becoming an Entrepreneur

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Checking out where you fit in those restrictions and requirements before diving in headfirst (including things like when you must charge HST, which requires a permit or license) can save you a lot of hassles in the end.


Find your people. No one needs to be a lone island, especially entrepreneurs — and it’s surprising how much business can come merely from introducing yourself to your peers. In essence, people want to support people and taking advantage of the knowledge of those who have traveled this same path before you is essential.

Meeting new people can be daunting, but it’s important to get yourself out there and make connections.

Listen and learn

For those wanting to expand their entrepreneurial knowledge, those who have taken the plunge before you are a great resource. From podcasts to webinars, fellow entrepreneurs from across the country and beyond are eager to help mould the next generation — but it’s up to you to seek them out.

Get social

According to an article published on in November of 2020, after the global economy tumbled into an alarming freefall in March, many digital companies turned things around over the summer thanks to increased customer engagement and digital ad consumption. Basically, with more people spending more time online, digital advertising is becoming more important than ever before.

In fact, Small Business Trends says for 90 per cent of marketers, their social media marketing efforts have increased the exposure of their business and 75 per cent say they’ve increased traffic. Add to that the response of 71 per cent of consumers who say they’re likely to recommend a brand to others if they’ve had a good social media experience, and there you have it.