Cuphead Skins Are Coming to Fall Guys

Source: Studio MDHR/Twitter

Indie darlings Cuphead and Mugman are joining Fall Guys as costumes and a collectible emote. The cup boys fit in perfectly with the game’s cartoonish style — and hopefully it’s the first of many new Cuphead-themed announcements we see this year.

Studio MDHR revealed the new skins in a tweet, announcing the collaboration with the Fall Guys developers. This is far from the first crossover costume that’s appeared in the game. So far, Fall Guys beans can dress up as Doom Eternal’s Doomguy, Cacodemon, and Tyrant; Untitled Goose Game’s goose and townspeople, and Gordon Freeman with a headcrab. There are rumors that several further crossovers are planned, and last year the Fall Guys developers had a charity event where they asked other devs to show off their crossover skins, all of which looked amazing.

Cuphead will appear in the game starting today, with a Mugman skin following a few days from now. In addition to the outfits, which consist of a top and bottom, there will be a Cuphead emote. Each item will cost five crowns. 25 crowns is a little much, but if you’re a Cuphead fan, it’ll be a nice feather in your cap. The news comes just as Fall Guys is preparing for arrival on the Nintendo Switch.

This is the first good Cuphead news we’ve had in a while. There was supposed to be a Cuphead DLC called “The Delicious Last Course” (ah ha, I see what you did there) that, after several delays including one COVID-related, is finally slated to come out later this year. The DLC will feature a new island, and a new character named Ms. Chalice. There’s also an animated show in the works for Netflix called The Cuphead Show that’s been quiet for a while, but maybe we’ll hear more about it later this year.

Source: Studio MDHR