Curious About What Everyone Made At Home This Year? These Were The Most Popular Recipes

Apparently, the two places most people missed buying food from were Ikea and Disney… And you’ll probably never guess the rest.

To say that 2020 was a bit strange in terms of trends and food cravings, well… it would almost be an understatement. With a wide-open world of possibilities when it came to things that could now be cooked at home, Google was the number one place everyone went to when it came to what to make during the quarantine. And, finally, the renowned search engine has finally released the recipes everyone has searched for the most this year… And they were quite a surprise.

Healthy Banana Bread

It’s no surprise that banana bread was at the top of everyone’s search considering it’s now known as the number one trending comfort food in the US, or one of them, anyway.

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When everyone went into their initial lockdown, it seemed that they either had bananas to use up or had gotten ahold of plenty to make loaves and loaves of bread, which led to a top-trending Google search. After all, who doesn’t want a freezer full of (healthy) banana bread to heat up with they have the blues?

Hamburger Bun

It seemed that many people were on the hunt for things they’d normally purchase that could be made at home and among those, hamburger buns was apparently another top-trending Google search.

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The specific condition of the search, such as the type, did it have sesame seeds, gluten-free, and so on, was not defined – but clearly, many people were indulging in burgers during the long-awaited lift of lockdown.


For those who don’t know what a chaffle is, it can’t hurt to throw some more Google searches this search term’s way. We’ll sum it up in short: it’s a combination of cheese and a waffle.

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This brilliant idea came from the idea behind a keto diet, where cheese took the place of typical waffle batter to create a carb-free version of a waffle with only eggs and cheese. So, basically, an omelet that’s made in a waffle maker.

Egg Salad Sandwich

Everyone went back to the basics when it came to comfort foods and Google certainly reflected this with the search words ‘egg salad sandwich’ coming up repeatedly; enough to make it a top-trending Google search.

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While egg salad is delicious, people were likely looking for twists on the classic sandwich – it’s also incredibly easy to make at home and keeps well, so this wasn’t all that surprising.

Ikea Meatballs

The most popular Google searches took quite an unexpected turn when ‘Ikea meatballs’ popped up as one of the most searched things on the web. No one would have expected that these Swedish meatballs would become something that people craved enough to find an exact recipe for the beloved Ikea food but here we are.

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And when the people demanded it, they received it… complete with a recipe for that delicious sauce that goes with them. Thanks, Ikea!

Disney Churro

Another surprising, most-searched recipe that came up on Google was for Disney churros. This classic sweet treat became popular on the interwebz after Disney parks were temporarily closed down which left a void in many people’s churro-shaped hearts.

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But never fear, churro fans – this sweet snack is not all that tough to make and it’ll taste just like the real thing. Then again, you’d already know that if you’d Google’ed it.

Dole Whip

Coming up in line with Disney churros in the search bar was Dole Whip, which is another Disney park favorite. As it turns out, this recipe is top-secret and highly coveted by Disney, and fans were quick to figure this out.

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However, a secondary search led them to a go-around, and searching ‘frozen pineapple treat’ seemed to suffice and fill the need that Disney wasn’t able to fill at the time. The difference is that Dole Whip is dairy-free but taste-wise, they seemed pretty evenly-matched.

DoubleTree Cookies

With hotels being a bit of a gray area early on in the pandemic, one thing that people really missed were those big, delicious complimentary cookies from DoubleTree. There’s something about the magic that’s baked into these confectionary delights that gets people unbelievably hooked on them, but can they be blamed?


The first thing you’re greeted with when you walk through the door or into your hotel room is a freshly-baked cookie that tastes like heaven, and people were surprised this was a Google search? Maybe not so much.

Sourdough Bread

The number one trending search on Google was for a sourdough bread recipe. When in doubt, baking bread brings comfort in a number of ways. For starters, it provides a huge feeling of accomplishment (and relief) when a loaf rises. Secondly, it makes the entire house (and possibly your neighbor’s) smell absolutely divine. And third, it just tastes good, looks good, and can be used in practically anything. Therefore, sourdough for the win.

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