Cyberpunk 2077: 14 Weird Details You Didn’t Know

Cyberpunk 2077 is packed with weird little details most of us street kids will never notice — and that the game outright doesn’t explain. Even if the game launched with more than a few bugs (and that’s putting it mildly) the developers still used that 7~ years of development time to add some incredibly minor details to an already pretty sprawling game.

Whether it’s petting cats or riding rollercoasters, Cyberpunk 2077 has some strange minor activities that are never marked with quests or mentioned in your journal. These little activities even have voice lines from Johnny as he reacts, so somebody took the time to fully program some full little secrets. And those little secrets are what we’re after.

There are so many more than 14. We’re always looking for more tiny secrets, so let us know what else needs to go on this list.

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#1: Johnny appears in the mirror instead of the player sometimes. I can’t say for sure, but it seems likely this happens later in the story or in Act 3.

#2: You can store turret HMGs in your vehicle stash. And if you save / reload, the HMG will replenish all of its ammo.

#3: You can change vehicle lights — press (Alt / X / Square) to change toggle normal, off or highbeams.

#4: You can ride the rollercoaster in Pacifica. Just restore power on the switch to the left of the carts.

#5: While on the motorcycle, V will lower their head to avoid getting bonked.

#6: You can never hurt kids. Your car bounces right off them if you try to hit them.

#7: Bring cat food to the bowl to the left of your apartment, and you can get your own pet cat.

#8: The cat that appears in the mission with Takemura — the bokeneko — actually reacts to Johnny’s techghost. Spooky!

#9: Rarely, you’ll find enemies (especially the Animals gang) lifting weights. You can hack these and crush enemies lifting.

#10: When you “Distract Enemies” while hacking a hologram emitter, the hologram will start doing a striptease.

#11: There are lots of different vending machines. There’s food — and there are gun vending machines that sell a specific pistol you can’t get anywhere else. You can also use Confessional vending machines to get your sins forgiven.

#12: Guns reload faster if you still have a bullet in the chamber. If you’ve unloaded all the bullets in a magazine and you’re completely dry, you’ll have to reload and charge your weapon.

#13: There’s a cemetery on the road up to Kerry Eurodyne’s mansion. If you search carefully, you can find characters that have died in-game marked here.

#14: All vehicles have a shared stash that’s separate from your apartment stash. Vehicle stashes are split into two different types — cars and motorcycles. Every car (and every motorcycle) has the same stash, so you can claim your stuff even if you’re not using the exact same vehicle.

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