Cyberpunk 2077: How To Find All The Secret Developer Rooms | Easter Egg Guide

Night City is full of dark secrets. We’re not looking at those today — we’re after developer Easter eggs. Cyberpunk 2077 has two secret developer rooms to find in unique locations that require specific passcodes. If you want to see everything Cyberpunk 2077 has to offer, you’ll want to check these little Easter eggs out.

One of the rooms is in Kabuki, and you’ll even get a little message from Johnny when you get close. He’ll sit and play guitar with you! The other Easter egg room is much less Johnny-friendly. It’s located deep in Corpo Plaza, right next to the Arasaka Building. It’s a quick monument to developers and Johnny’s biggest mistake.

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Kabuki Developer Room

To find the room, go to the circle-shaped mall in Kabuki, Watson. It’s the mall where you visit the Nethacker vendor for a main job. Go around to the back of the mall and you’ll find a door with a keypad near the stairs in the lower section of the mall. Check the map for an exact location.

You’ll know you found the right door if Johnny appears and challenges you to open it. Input the code on the keypad to unlock the garage door and look inside.

  • Developer Room Passcode: 605185

Sit down in the cool tech room down the steps, and Johnny will play his guitar for you. The real show is on the TV — select the TV power icon and you’ll get a series of photos of the developers.

This isn’t the only secret room either. There’s a second developer room in the middle of a memorial in the center of Night City.

Arasaka Memorial Secret Room

To find this second secret room, go to City Center, Corpo Plaza and go to the Arasaka Building. To the left of the main doors, you’ll find the Arasaka Memorial. Go inside to the back of the hallway and input the passcode.

  • Secret Memorial Room Passcode: 2023

Input the code and you’ll find names of developers on the walls. Really basic and simple, but it’s still kind of cool. If you want to see every secret in the game, this is one area you have to visit.

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