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According to Wilcox, this year’s success comes thanks to a number of factors.

“People always need to eat, and of course, cooking has always been very important with people. So, as they continue to become more independent this year, we’re very lucky to be in the industry we’re in,” she said. “We’re also very lucky to be a well-established, stable business in London, with an incredibly strong team.”

When the store first closed its doors to the public earlier this year, Wilcox and her team took a long, hard look at the components of the business. While the retail aspect continued to be essential to their customers, their in-store cooking classes obviously dried up overnight.

The only way to fight was to hit the web.

“In order to go virtual with our cooking classes, we had to kind of reinvent ourselves,” Wilcox explained, adding that throughout the year, people began doing more things with their families, including preparing dinner. “It’s really lovely, and one of the things I love most about the virtual classes is that everyone is participating. People have gotten so hands-on; it’s been really fun to watch.”

Yet another London business making a pivot in a whole new way is NEEDS/WANTS Boutique, which opened on Richmond Row in 2018.

Owner Kathleen Meliton brings in brands from all over the world and is known for uncomplicated, wearable fashion.

When the store was able to reopen, the entrepreneur was touched by home much community support she received.