Gabba fans told to show respect or ship out

The first two rows behind the boundary will be unoccupied due to COVID seating requirements but with the ground at half-capacity, the players will be able to hear almost every chant or cheer from fans seated close to the fence.

Zundans said Gabba staff and CA were treating the Sydney events with the utmost seriousness and anybody that crossed the line in Brisbane would be ‘dealt with accordingly’.

“Ultimately, we just want people to be considerate at all times, it’s not necessarily just from the recent events. Overall, we take this very seriously. Cricket Australia takes racial vilification very seriously and people will be dealt with accordingly,” Zundans said.

“We want fans to have a good day. It’s not just the players and their comfort, it’s about those around you as well. Remain respectful, cheer enthusiastically but remain respectful.”

Zundans said fans should not hesitate to raise any concerns about crowd behaviour and said every complaint would be investigated by venue officials. security staff and police.


“We’ve got our Gabba Assist number, patrons can text through and advise of any issues. We investigate all of those and together with Cricket Australia they are dealt with very swiftly,” he said. “There are very strict protocols in place, we’re comfortable and confident with the protocols in place.”

Given the debate and discussion about the behaviour of Australian crowds, any recurrence in Brisbane would be a disaster for a Cricket Australia, whose team took a public relations battering after the SCG draw after Tim Paine resorted to juvenile sledging tactics against Ravi Ashwin.

They will hope the message has got through loud and clear and the end of the Test summer can be dominated by headlines about what happened on the field, not what happened in the stands.