Guardian Claims More Than 2,900 Healthcare Worker Deaths From COVID

The left-leaning British-based newspaper The Guardian is claiming more than 2,900 healthcare workers in the United States have died from COVID-19 or related causes, basing its number on an analysis it conducted with Kaiser Health News.

The paper says the total is “far higher number than that reported by the government,” but never cites a number of deaths publicized by any governmental agency.

Its figure of 2,921 is published in “Lost on the Frontline,” a nine-month data project the paper conducted with Kaiser Health News, the independent news arm of the Kaiser Family Foundation. KFF is a San Francisco-based non-profit, calling itself a non-partisan source for fact, polling and analysis on healthcare but has given overwhelmingly to Democratic candidates since 1992, according to

The Guardian said nearly a quarter of the deaths (680) it calculated have occurred in New York and New Jersey, the states which also have the highest death rates per 1 million population, according to

New Jersey is the only state with a death rate from COVID-19 or COVID-19-related causes of more 2,000 (2,130) per million, and New York is the only state other than New Jersey above 1,800 (1,935.)

“Since the first months of the pandemic, more than 70 reporters at The Guardian and KHN have scrutinized numerous governmental and public data sources, interviewed the bereaved and spoken with healthcare experts to build a count,” The Guardian reported.

It said it compiled its number based on figures provided by labor unions, obituaries, news reporting, and online postings by family members.

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