How To Create A Fine Dining Experience In Your Own Home (Easily!)

Fine dining doesn’t just mean dining out, and you can make your own home feel like a Michelin-star restaurant with some simple changes.

While restaurants have the takeout portion of dinner covered, it’s likely that many people are missing the actual dining-in part of going out to dinner. Eventually, we’ll all be rejoicing over a shared table in our favorite restaurants but for now, things might feel a bit strange and unusual. Eating at home can get stale after some time and it might seem like there’s nothing but monotony when it comes to eating in the same place, night after night, with not much else to look at other than one’s own surroundings.

Despite this, there are ways to spruce up the average nightly dinner without even leaving our home or spending money on extravagant things. Dinners don’t need to be boring nor do they need to feel as though we’re just going through repetitive motions – with a few changes here and there and a bit of extra effort, dining at home can quickly feel like a Michelin-rated restaurant in France.

It Starts With Menu Planning And Follow-Through

The first step to any fine-dining-themed dinner is to pick a menu. Whether it’s a recipe that’s been collecting dust, a family favorite, or something never tried before, this is the time to break it out! Take the time to type up a menu and then print it out – that way, when someone asks, it’ll be right in front of them.

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Plan everything down to the main course and sides, then write up a list of what’s needed. Double-check to make sure all the equipment needed is in your kitchen and get ready to have some fun.

Indulge In The Real Thing And Pick Items Out Yourself

Whether it’s picking out items in the grocery store or choosing specific items through online ordering, just be sure to pick everything out yourself. When it comes between getting the good cheese and getting one that will get the job done, opt for the good stuff!

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No restaurant is skimping on high-quality ingredients and there’s no reason a dinner at home should, either. It’ll be worth it once everything comes together and you’re thankful you went for the wedge of parmesan rather than the pre-grated, canned stuff.

Music Sets The Mood

Take the time to create a special playlist. Whether it’s full of energy and fun or tame and mellow for a quieter evening, it should represent the home and the atmosphere surrounding a dinner.

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On Spotify, there are plenty of playlists to choose from, many with a dinner theme. On YouTube, there are tons of playlists as well and this is a great way to play music on the TV if you don’t have a Bluetooth speaker or an AUX cable for regular speakers.

Don’t Skip Out On A Decorative Atmosphere

Everything surrounding a fine dining dinner should feel luxe and extravagant, but this doesn’t mean going out of the way to blow a budget or buy one-time-use decor. Rather, something as simple as fresh flowers in the center of the table or a row of small vases down the center of a table can automatically lift the atmosphere.

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Lighting a fire or candles and dimming some of the lights creates the ambiance that fine dining restaurants are so well-known for, and taking the time to pull out table linens – such as a tablecloth, runners, and cloth napkins – really make a difference. Real china and silverware also help to elevate the experience and while it might mean more dishes later on, it’s worth it to feel pampered.

Drinks Deserve As Much Attention As Dessert

A special cocktail or a mixed drink to go with dinner always adds a special touch. Even a bottle of wine that’s been procured specifically for the dinner itself adds a hint of know-how and elegance to a meal, and there’s no doubt that every dinner guest will be impressed.

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As far as dessert goes, it doesn’t matter how simple or complex the dish is – anything that’s been carefully created and plated will go a long way. Something as simple as a dusting of powdered sugar, a smear of melted chocolate, or a dollop of whipped cream to finish will automatically add layers of luxury to any sweet treat, regardless of how fancy it is or isn’t.

Dress Up And Have A Plan For After-Dinner Cleanup

Having a fancy dinner, even if it’s just for two people, makes for a great reason to dress up. Whether we realize it or not, our own attire is all part of the atmosphere we create which means formal dining is more than enough of an excuse to be fancy. With so much time spent at home, this is the chance to break out the clothes everyone had been planning on wearing and dusting off those great shoes for the evening.

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