I’m In Love With The Daihatsu Copen Spyder Ver. And I’m Moving To Japan So We Can Be Together

Image: DaihatsuIt’s The Car TimeWe recap the big car news of the week and talk about some crap we saw on Craigslist.

You are so gorgeous, little Copen, it’s making me mad. It’s difficult for me to accept that this global pandemic is keeping us apart. We were meant to meet face to face during the 2021 Tokyo Auto Salon, but sadly the event has been cancelled and our meet cute will have to wait until some glorious future. For now, I have to remain admiring from afar, but one day this Copen will be able to take me home to meet its parents. We’ll be together forever. Someday.

Built as one of five new Daihatsu concepts for TAS21, the Copen Spyder Ver. is easily the coolest of them all. Aesthetically based on the softer and more retro Copen Cero (below), the Spyder obviously ditches the standard car’s convertible roof for a speedster wind deflector and a permanently open roof. The standard aero wheels have been ditched for some motorsport flavor Volk Racing TE37s, which look so choice.

Image: Daihatsu

There’s no mention of any powertrain upgrades. The stock Copen’s 658cc turbocharged inline-three is already maxed out at the 63-horsepower allowed under Japan’s kei segment regulations, so it’s unlikely to get anything more fun in the engine compartment. Even the Copen GR Sports model doesn’t have more than that. However, by virtue of the lightweighting involved here, the Spyder Ver. probably weighs a little bit less than the regular Copen’s 1875 pound curb weight. Figure a few pounds off on the wheels, and a couple dozen pounds lost in ditching the roof.

This thing looks like it would be a riot to hit the touge roads with. The stance and the sticky tires are perfect. I can’t wait to smell the spring cherry blossoms as I blast up the twistiest mountains.

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And, you know, if any of the Spyder’s new siblings wanted to come along for the ride, I certainly would encourage them to do so. The whole TAS21 Daihatsu “booth” is welcome at this party. And by party, I mean the virtual Tokyo Auto Salon, which is scheduled for January 15th at 9:00 am.

HiJet Jumbo Camper Ver. will be there.

Image: Daihatsu

HiJet Jumbo Sporza Ver. will be there.

Image: Daihatsu

Taft Crossfield Ver. will be there.

Image: Daihatsu

And Thor Premium Ver. D-Sport will obviously be there.

Image: Daihatsu

Will you?