Jack Black’s TikTok rendition of ‘The Mandalorian’ theme l Alternative Press

(Photos via Jack Black/ @jackblack on Instagram, The Mandalorian/Disney)

It looks like Jack Black is trying to process The Mandalorian season 2 finale just like the rest of us.

This week, the comedian decided to channel his inner Boba Fett and reimagine the Disney+ show’s iconic theme song in a hilarious new video.

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Jack Black has brought us a lot of comic relief in 2020. Back in July, the comedian reprised his legendary Nacho Libre role for a coronavirus PSA. As well, he recently took it upon himself to give the viral “WAP” dance challenge a try. His attempt at the dance made popular by the Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion hit included a very tight red Speedo and a whole lot of hose water.

More recently, Black even became the center of a major Twitter debate. As it turns out, quite a few Marvel fans would like to see the actor take on a certain role in the Guardians Of The Galaxy franchise.

Now, Black is back with another entertaining video for us. This week, he shared a hilarious TikTok of him reimagining the iconic The Mandalorian theme song. The quick video, which includes a nod to Boba Fett, shows Black truly giving his rendition of the theme song his all.

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Mostly, the video is a great distraction for the Star Wars fans out there who can’t seem to forget about The Mandalorian season 2 finale that just happened.

@jackblackMando♬ original sound – Jack Black

Of course, Black decided to take his rendition of the theme song one step further. He also posted a TikTok duet that shows off his own interpretive dance of The Mandalorian theme.

@jackblack##duet with @jackblack♬ original sound – Jack Black

Since many fans are currently in the sad process of taking their Baby Yodas off of their Christmas trees, Black’s recent videos are truly brightening people’s post-holiday blues. In fact, some are even suggesting it’s time for Black to join the Disney+ series.

Cast Jack Black to be in something Star Wars. Who’s with me? 🤣

— FlyingPrincess ☃️ (@FlyingPrinPrin) December 30, 2020

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Jack Black going Full Boba Fett!! Love It!! https://t.co/0rHtUO0Q1Z

— FoSsiL924 (@FoL924) December 30, 2020

What would be the ideal role for Jack Black in #StarWars #TheMandalorian

— HA! (@hide2k10) December 30, 2020

Omg Jack Black needs to be in #TheMandalorian https://t.co/Gg5NigUpBO

— Your Fav Muslim Auntie 🌹 (@JilanInVegas) December 30, 2020

jack black is currently going thru brainrot over the mandalorian. so true bestie so true

— isi 🍝 shrek nation (@bizukkq) December 30, 2020

What are your reactions to Jack Black’s latest TikToks? Do you think he should be in The Mandalorian? Let us know in the comments below.