Koei Tecmo Victim To A Cyberattack

There seem to be a few of these cyber Attacks going around lately for the video game industry. These attacks aim at companies for a variety of reasons. However, the two that come to mind as of late was done in hopes of obtaining money from the company. Failure to do so usually results in content being leaked out onto the web. The latest victim of these cyber Attacks happens to be Koei Tecmo.

Koei is a video game publisher and developer that’s been around for decades at this point. After being founded in 1978, this company has quite an established fan base. However, it looks like the studio was hit by a cyberattack according to the website alert message. Portals to the official Koei Tecmo websites were closed temporarily as the company investigates the issue, that’s at least the message visitors receive when they attempt to log onto the website.

“Due to the possibility of an external cyber Attack on this website, it is temporarily closed as we investigate the issue.”

From the press release that was sent out, it was reported that over 60,000 forum accounts were leaked although they were done so in an encrypted state. This would include user information such as mail addresses. Fortunately, it doesn’t look like any other sensitive information was taken both in terms of customers or employees, but it may also be too early to tell at this point. After all, this is becoming a string of attacks against video game companies.

If you don’t recall, Ubisoft has hacked not long ago that resulted in the source code to Watch Dogs Legion being leaked online. Furthermore, Capcom had quite a bit of data stolen and leaked such as upcoming project titles and even a development build of Resident Evil Village. As mentioned, these attacks can come from groups that hold stolen content at ransom for online payment otherwise the information is leaked online. It’s unconfirmed if Koei Tecmo is facing a similar situation or not.

Source: Nintendo Life