Natalya Neidhart: Remembering my friend Brodie Lee

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As much as Huber was a master at his craft in the ring, he was also a master of balancing life outside the ring. Jon loved his family so much, and that was always very evident to anyone who spent time with him. That’s what I loved the most about him, the way he would talk so lovingly about his wife and kids. He always was so excited to get back home to them. He loved being a dad. I remember there was a show he wasn’t booked to wrestle on, in Rochester, N.Y., his hometown. Jon asked WWE management if he could be added to the show so his son could watch him wrestle. When Jon walked into the Blue Cross arena in Rochester with his family in tow, it made me smile from ear to ear. We all could see what was the most important to Jon in his life, his family. Jon really wanted to make them proud and that he did! That night in Rochester, Brodie Jr. got to watch his dad compete in the ring and his dad was his superhero. I remember little Brodie beaming when his dad came backstage from his match, in awe of is his dad. Huber was so proud of his sons and his wife.

Brodie Lee with his wife Amanda. Photo by courtesy of Amanda Huber /Instagram

While we’ve all been grieving over the loss of Jon Huber, I’ve been reminded of what an incredible person he was with the outpouring of love Huber has received since his passing. Jon’s passing has brought everyone closer together during such an incredibly difficult time of sadness. It’s truly a testament to the kind of person he was, as everyone loved him.

Brodie Lee ringside, sharing a moment with his family. Photo by courtesy of Amanda Huber /Instagram

WWE Intercontinental Champion Big E said, “I cried with so many grown men as we told each other ‘I love you’ the last few days. I hope losing Brodie gives us something great and meaningful.” Big E also added, “Before he’d leave to hit the next town or drive home, Brodie would almost always end the conversation with a joking ‘goodbye, forever.’ I always rolled my eyes. As godawful as this has been, I’m glad I got to say goodbye. I never had a better friend.”