NBA likely to review videos that appear to show Irving at birthday party

In December, Houston’s James Harden was fined $US50,000 (about $66,000) for “for violating the league’s health and safety protocols, which among other things prohibit attending indoor social gatherings of 15 or more people or entering bars, lounges, clubs or similar establishments,” the league said.

Irving could forfeit more money if he has to miss games because he violated the protocols. The NBA withholds 1/72 of a player’s salary for each game missed – $462,904 per game in Irving’s case – due to protocol violations. The NBA likely will review the matter.

At the beginning of the season, Irving released a statement that he did not plan on speaking with reporters, saying he wanted to let his play on and off the court speak for him.

“I am committed to show up to work everyday, ready to have fun, compete, perform, and win championships alongside my teammates and colleagues in the Nets organisation. … Life hit differently this year and it requires us, it requires me, to move differently. So, this is the beginning of that change,” the statement read.

The NBA fined Irving $US25,000 (about $32,000) for “violating rules governing media interview access.


“The fines result from Irving’s refusal on several occasions this week to participate in team media availability.”

Irving obliged and began speaking to reporters. He started the season strong, averaging 27.1 points, 6.1 assists and 5.3 rebounds and shooting 50.4 per cent from the field, 42.6 per cent on three-pointers and 100 per cent on free throws. He has played in seven of Brooklyn’s 11 games, and the Nets are 1-2 in his recent three-game absence.


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