Nebraska officials handle another snow day

NORFOLK, Neb. (KTIV) – Nebraska leaders are advising drivers to stay home if possible. But if you must get behind the wheel, do so with caution.

“We’re hoping people, we’re cognizant of the weather coming in and have taken the necessary precautions to either one, equip their vehicles and make sure everything is hold to go, and number two if you don’t have to travel, stay home” said Lieutenant Jim Stover of the Nebraska State Patrol.

Lieutenant Stover added, drivers should be cautions, let the plows do their job so the roads be cleared. He also said use web resources such as Nebraska 511 and plow tracker to make decisions about traveling.

Emergency services are always affected on snow days like today.

One of the burdens on a snow day is making sure fire hydrants are not hidden by snow. Crews at the Norfolk Fire Division say it’s very important the fire department knows where the hydrants are.

“The biggest thing is make sure the fire hydrants on the corner are visible. If you got a fire hydrant by you, and you can scoop it out or at least make it visible so that we could locate it easier. There are times when we get enough snow that they will disappear and then we have to go off of where we think it’s at on the corner and start scooping to try finding it if it isn’t scooped out. So as long as we can keep the fire hydrants visible” said Lannce Grothe, Captain of the Norfolk Fire Division.

Captain Grothe also says, on days like today, extra crew members come on calls to help shovel a path so the EMS workers can move gurneys. He said, if the weather is bad, you should stay home.