Olympic participation part of NHL/NHLPA CBA negotiations

As negotiations between the NHL and NHLPA hit critical mass, word is spreading that Olympic participation is part of the agreement.

From what I understand, NHL players will compete in (at least) the 2022 Games if new CBA is finalized and there is a financial agreement with the International Olympic Committee. Prior to the pandemic, the IOC indicated it would consider these incentives for the NHL and NHLPA to return to the Olympics after they did not go to South Korea in 2018.

We are expecting some kind of clarity about the negotiations over the next few days. While both sides have been grinding away at the details, it is challenging to predict how the NHLPA membership will react. Sportsnet’s Eric Engels had a Twitter thread on Tuesday that encapsulates the many different emotions.

One player said a majority of the players do not want to return to play this summer. Estimated 75%. Though they’re concerned with financial pitfalls of that decision, they’re more concerned about risking contracting the virus/serious injury before cramming in the 2021 season 2/

— Eric Engels (@EricEngels) June 30, 2020

Another player shared the following opinion after acknowledging that players will likely vote yes to the eventual proposal that gets brought to them 4/ pic.twitter.com/5n5WiCqJNj

— Eric Engels (@EricEngels) June 30, 2020

All players I spoke with are frustrated about being kept largely in the dark about how they’ll safely be able to resume play. 5/5

— Eric Engels (@EricEngels) June 30, 2020

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