Omori: How To Get Every Ending | True, Bad & Secret Endings

Omori is a strange little game that’s packed with alternate endings that depend entirely on your choices. Some endings are determined by specific actions early in the game — but most endings can be earned just through the choices you make before (or during) the final boss encounter.

Basically, we’re saying there’s a lot of different stuff you can do for alternate endings. If you’re worried about accidentally earning the bad ending, we’ve got all the ending paths listed below. There’s some big time story spoilers here, so I recommend coming back after you’ve earned at least one ending first.

There’s a true ending, a bad ending, and a load of weird off-shoot alternate endings — including a secret bonus ending. Is that too many endings? In this writer’s opinion, there’s never enough endings.

All Endings Guide | True, Bad & Secret Endings

  • NOTE: All endings (except for Hikikomori) require following the “Sunny Route” — or the standard route where you answer the door to all knocks at Sunny’s House. This allows you to play the “FARAWAY TOWN” sections. To experience the following four endings, you need to follow this route.

True Ending

At the end of the game, choose to confront BASIL at the sleepover. Next, you’ll battle Omori.

To get the True Ending, you need to continue to fight Omori. Do not give up. You’ll still lose eventually. There’s no getting around it. Lose, and you’ll reach the True Ending.

Waking up in a hospital, go down to find your friends. They part ways — follow Basil to reach the true ending.

Bad Ending

The Bad Ending occurs during the battle against Omori. To get this ending, choose to give up and stop fighting.

This causes Omori to completely take over. When you wake up in the hospital, Omori forces you to go to the roof and jump.

Secret Ending

The Secret Ending is an additional bonus ending that follows the True Ending. The ending appears after the credits.

To get the Secret Ending, you must water Sunny’s flowers 3 times during his segments. If you do this, the ending triggers after the credits, showing Basil and Sunny smiling at each other, and their Something entities fading away.

Don’t Confront Ending

To get the Something Ending, leave Basil’s house after waking up at the sleepover. Don’t confront him. Just leave and go home to sleep. Sunny enters the White Space — depending on your choices, a variety of different things can happen.

  • Go straight home to sleep and you’ll wake up to movers arriving at the house, and sirens in the distance implying that Basil has died.
  • Pick up the knife in the kitchen before going to bed, and Sunny will kill himself when using “STAB” to wake up from the White Space.
  • Go back to sleep in Basil’s house and you’ll wake up to find Basil dead. Look in the bathroom mirror and Something will appear, forcing your mutilated body to return home and play out one of the first two endings.

Hikikomori Ending

Finally, there’s an alternate ending you can unlock by initiating the Hikikomori Route. To follow this route, ignore the knocking on Sunny’s door and don’t answer it. This will cut you off from the “FARAWAY TOWN” sections, replacing them with completing chores in the house.

The alternate path unlocks new areas, bosses, and features exclusive to this path — and an ending variant that’s similar to the Something Endings listed above. All you have to do is play through this route to initiate the ending, as there’s only one known ending for this route.