Online Original: 9OYS received an invite to a birthday party. We accepted.

PITT CO. (WNCT) -We’re at the home of Melvin Brice, celebrating his 100th birthday.  After a century of living, Mr. Brice has a lot of blessings to share. 9OYS was invited to celebrate Melvin’s birthday today, and we accepted.  

His birthday cake had US Army decorations to mark his service as a former military officer, serving in World War II. His wife, Gertrude, of forty-five years was also by his side, grateful to mark the special occasion.

He tells us the best present he’s received this year, “The lord have blessed me to live these years, and still live along well. It’s a joy, more than just a blessing, it’s a gift.” 

Melvin recently suffered a stroke. “We’ve been living in a miracle of his recovery, all year.” 

His grandson Sahid Brown, told us he’s grateful to celebrate with his grandfather, something he was hesitant to do during the pandemic, “I had a lot of colleagues and co workers who told me that this was too big to pass by, and that’s helped me get over the humps.” 

Brown says he’s inspired by the life that his grandfather lives, “That would be the biggest blessing, think about overcoming challenges, when you think about overcoming challenge, with all that’s gone on in the world today, to be his age, and to see him…Not always 100% in his right mind, but to be able to respond appropriately to a question, to be able to walk and still notice who his great granddaughters is, and recognize people. So, it’s everything. We had to be here today.”

Sahid says he plans on living as long as his grandfather, “It’s in the genes.” 

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