Opinion: Dominic McKay Already Making Celtic Moves

I know Dominic McKay officially starts his role at the club on July 1st but I’d be astonished if he wasn’t already in on decisions that are being made behind the scenes.

Yes, Mckay still has a job at the SRU but they will be preparing for life without him and his responsibilities between now and July will dwindle.

There’s zero chance Celtic aren’t consulting with the incoming Chief executive on things like Neil Lennon’s future, incoming transfers and the very structure of the club.

I’d be more astonished if McKay isn’t being hands-on about things.

The Champions League qualifiers kick-off for the club three weeks after McKay is supposed to officially take over. If he and the club were really leaving it til then it gives nobody time for anything before we’re thrown into some of the most important games of our season.

Yes, we’ve seen it many times under Peter Lawwell but it’s unthinkable to imagine the new Chief exec will come in cold and his first on will be to watch us be knocked out of Europe’s premier competition.

Some fans will say I’m giving the club too much credit but having done our homework on Dominic McKay, we find it inconceivable he’s not already getting things readied.