Ottawa police accused of planting handgun, stealing $50,000: lawsuit

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After getting called back to the apartment, Monette said he spotted the gun the second he stepped inside the unit.

He testified two Ottawa detectives were standing in the bedroom he and Gagné had just swept. They were standing over the gun, with one officer to the left and the other to the right of it, court heard.

None of the tactical officers who testified knew the identities of the two Ottawa detectives they say entered the unit after them.

Gidley said in his testimony that he and Saunders were not alone in the hall for the two hours before tactical arrived.

Multiple Ottawa officers, plainclothes and uniformed, were on the 15th floor, according to Gidley’s testimony. On the stand, the detective had a hard time recalling their names, and mentioned only two by name, but said he wasn’t 100-percent sure.

“You waited approximately two hours with these people and you don’t remember who they were?” prosecutor Jennifer Morin asked Gidley during the trial.

“That’s right,” Gidley replied.

“So let me wrap this up. You don’t know how many people from Ottawa were with you on that floor?”

“I do not know.”

He estimated up to seven other Ottawa officers besides him and Saunders.

Gidley’s police notes do not mention any other officers on the 15th floor, including Saunders.

Gidley testified that he definitely wasn’t alone, saying other officers “came up to assist me for officer safety reasons.”

The detectives already knew Mohamed wasn’t in the apartment because Gidley had arrested him earlier, in the first-floor laundry room. No one could be heard inside the apartment, court heard, but there was still a risk someone else could be inside, which is why the Ottawa police detectives were waiting for the Gatineau tactical unit.