Popular ‘AGT’ Canadian Girl Group GFORCE Are Parting Ways With Some Members

You might want to sit down for this news because it could possibly make you cry. The fun-spirited and loveable singing group GFORCE just announced they are parting ways with two of their members fans have been noticing themmissing in their recent posts. They group famously competed and won over millions of hearts on season 14 of America’s Got Talent. Here’s the full story:

After ‘AGT’ Success, GFORCE Announces A Split

The five best friends from Canada had one of the most iconic ‘AGT’ auditions of all-time in 2019. They brought the ultimate burst of girl power to the stage with their original song called “Break the Bank.” The group was sent into the Judge Cuts round with high hopes from the judges.

They took on another original song called “Simon Says” which prompted a standing ovation from the judges. It was enough for them to make it to the live shows. They got to sing their anthem “It’s GFORCE!” in the Quarterfinals. Though they were eliminated from the competition, they gained thousands of fans that could not wait to see what was next for this young girl group. Unfortunately, it seems like the current state of the coronavirus pandemic has thrown a wrench in some of their plans.


“Dear friends and fans, we want to thank you for your patience in addressing why Sienna and Sarah have not been in photos and videos recently,” the group said on their Instagram page.

The caption accompanied a video tribute to Sienna and Sarah that talked about all of the good times everyone shared together. “We were really hoping to share this news with you in a live or at least a video where we could all be together but the challenges of Covid have continued to make that difficult.”


“Sienna and Sarah will always be our best of friends but have decided to move on from the group and pursue their own passions” the post continued. “Of course this was tough for all of us (lots of tears) but they will always be a huge part of our GFORCE journey. We wish them the very best in all that they do and we know they’ll be missed by all of you also. Hope you enjoy our little tribute.”

The Remaining Group Members Promise Exciting Things To Come In 2021

Ava, Holly and Michela are still continuing on with GFORCE. They promised some exciting news in 2021. “We hope you continue to support us and know that we appreciate you beyond words,” the post said. “Please stay tuned for an announcement coming New Year’s Eve!”

The last time all five members of GFORCE were pictured together was back in August. They posed for an Instagram picture for their 28,000 followers. The group seemed to be on such a high after putting out their debut album in 2019 and growing their fanbase. As of recent, pretty much all of the photos and videos of the group on social media have featured only Ava, Holly and Michela.


While 2020 is certainly the year of breakups, we can’t wait to see what the GFORCE trio does next.