Resident Evil Movie Reboot Has Finished Filming

There are quite a few productions in the works for video game adaptations. We knew that there was an interest in another Silent Hill movie, Sonic The Hedgehog has an upcoming sequel, and even Uncharted is coming out to serve as a prequel to the video game titles. However, an IP that is no stranger to film adaptations is Resident Evil. This iconic survival horror IP from Capcom recently had a long line of blockbuster movies released and now we’re gearing up to watch a reboot.

The Resident Evil movie series got its start back in 2002 and received the final installment in 2017. While it was a set of movies that brought out a profit, fans of the video game source material was left with a series that drastically altered the storyline. We were centered around a new character and the random iconic characters that popped in from the video game franchise didn’t offer much to bring the storyline back on track to the original narrative.

At any rate, we knew that this new reboot film was in the works and that fans can expect it to follow the storyline of the first Resident Evil video game. This title will throw viewers into the chaotic and unnerving story of iconic STARS members as they investigate the Spencer Mansion. It’s been too early for teasers or statements regarding the film, but it seems the initial filming for the movie has concluded. This comes from the official Sony Pictures Twitter account which confirms that the production has finished shooting their movie in a makeshift Raccoon City. 

There are of course potential pick-up shots that may be required and the amount of post-filming production to go through. At the very least, it looks like this film production is going smoothly, and perhaps we’ll get a bit more information about when exactly the movie will debut in the coming months. Likewise, we’re uncertain just how this movie will even debut as we’re still enduring the worldwide health pandemic outbreak. For now, all we can do is wait and see just what Sony Pictures opts to reveal. 

Source: Twitter