Sarnia mom waited to get help for lifeless baby to protect parolee boyfriend: judge

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Even after arriving back in the border city, the couple still didn’t go straight to hospital, stopping briefly at Noble’s home instead. By the time Noble checked into Bluewater Health with her baby after being dropped off by her boyfriend, at least two hours had passed.

And that was a conservative estimate, the court heard.

But Noble’s story changed as she entered the emergency department. Now “very” upset, she told a nurse she was home in Sarnia when she first noticed Blaine wasn’t breathing.

“She asked the nurse if they were going to save her baby because he was all she had,” Austin said while reviewing the facts.

A team of emergency hospital staff tried multiple ways of reviving the baby, but he was declared dead shortly before 10 a.m.

The baby’s mother told police a similar false story later that day, adding her phone, which didn’t work without Wi-Fi, couldn’t call 911, so she ran out into a parking lot looking for help. A stranger from Sarnia – a Good Samaritan – drove her to hospital, she told police.

But two months later, Noble went back to police and admitted she misled them to protect her boyfriend.

She initially pleaded guilty to obstructing police, but not guilty to failing to provide the necessaries of life without lawful excuse to a child younger than 16. A trial on the latter criminal charge started in November 2019 but was delayed about a year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The judge finally delivered her decision Wednesday in a Sarnia courtroom.