Sims: 2021 will demand patience before it lives up to its promise

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I think we’d better prepare ourselves for a lockdown that lasts a whole lot longer than four weeks.

Summers said the most recent surge is the outcome of “months and months of ongoing circulation” that gradually increased virus levels until we hit “a tipping point” where transmission starts to skyrocket.

What isn’t surging is provincial vaccine distribution. Earlier this week, after a pause for the holidays, Ontario found itself dead-last in the country for the number of doses administered per 100,000 people.

A chagrined retired general Rick Hillier, who leads the vaccine program, promised to do better. Meanwhile, you have to wonder, when Premier Doug Ford didn’t order his finance minister home from a Caribbean holiday after telling Ontarians to stay home, if he can fulfil a promise to get vaccines to Ontarians as quickly as possible.

(Minister Rod Phillips said in a statement, after 16 days in the island paradise of St. Barts, he “deeply regrets” taking the vacation. Methinks, he regrets getting caught.)

Summers said it will take time to get the vaccine into millions of arms.  The virus hasn’t gone away. We have to be vigilant about all the protocols that have been ingrained into our routines: washing hands, wearing masks and staying apart.

2021 will have to start as the Year of Patience before it can become the Year of Promise.

But rejoice, we can kick 2020 to the curb. Welcome in Little New Year! I have 99 reasons to have hope and getting the vaccine is just one of them.