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Sometimes around Tuesday night, the snow started falling at Lake Louise. It’s early evening as I write this on Wednesday, but word out of the Banff National Park resort is that it’s still coming down. In fact, with 14 cm falling overnight and 20 cm in the past week, the season total at Lake Louise now sits at an awesome 385 cm.

For powder-chasers who are considering making the trip and spending a day at The Lake, it’s essential that you reserve your lift ticket in advance and online. On days where the resort isn’t at capacity, they’re still selling day tickets in person. But if you’re visiting on a holiday or on the weekend, you’re going to want to make sure you don’t get turned away on arrival.

We’re going to say this in every little write-up in this section, but please do yourself a favour and spend a few minutes reading up on Lake Louise’s COVID-19 rules and regulations before you head to the resort. It’s going to make everything easier for everyone involved, including yourself.



There are few places that have gone as far out of their way to adapt to the ever-changing landscape for ski hills as WinSport, and Calgarians who are desperate for a little outdoors time are lucky to have the ski hill in the west end of the city open and available to meet our recreational needs.

It’s been a challenging year, to be sure. The COVID-19 pandemic has made it tough, and the warm weather hasn’t made things any easier for a hill that relies on its extensive snowmaking capabilities to keep all of its features open. The progression park will hopefully be open soon, but a little patience is needed until Mother Nature co-operates.

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