Stittsville On Patrol: Local Twitter hero teams up with Ottawa director for new TV comedy

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Despite his misgivings, he clearly had fun with the role, particularly when he was called upon to improvise his lines. A big fan of the style of comedy exemplified in FUBAR and Trailer Park Boys, and an aficionado of anything featuring the late, great comedian Chris Farley, the hapless, bearded Milks was most comfortable with the physical shenanigans.

“I’m not good with scripts,” confessed the 37-year-old. “If someone tells me to do something, we do a lot of takes. But any of the stuff I can do off the cuff is good. I’m good at falling down, and I fell a lot.”

Behind the scenes, Milks is the married father of four boys under the age of 10. Born and raised in the Ottawa area, he has a day job working in environmental services for the City of Ottawa, and moved his family to Stittsville last year, just two weeks before the pandemic was declared.

He started the brian5or6 Twitter account in 2011, based on a character he dreamed up to amuse his girlfriend, who’s now his wife. “I was just going to do this parody of a crazy Senators fan just for fun, and for some reason, it took off. And then I started to really hit it off with the Senators,” he said, noting that former player Erik Karlsson started following him after “Brian” ranted about him being traded.

The series consists of 12 six-minute episodes, with cameo appearances by Stittsville luminaries such as former Senator Chris Phillips and singer-songwriter-coffeeshop owner Kathleen Edwards. It even sports a sizzling power-metal theme song written by Redmond’s cousin, the L.A.-based film score composer Jordan Gagne.

Redmond said it was the most fun he’s ever had working on a set, and hopes the hyper-local hook connects with viewers from Stittsville to Orléans, and beyond.

“For something original out of the gate, you have to prove there’s an audience for it,” he said. “So the pressure is on for it to catch on. I’d love to do a few more seasons in this format, and then see what we can do.”