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‘The Game’ could lead Michigan Sports’ best month of all time

(WXMI) – This is one of the holiest matchups, not just in college football but in all sports, and this weekend, The Game could lead Michigan’s best sports betting month since legalization and its launch in 2020.

“Michigan is the online sports betting monster we always suspected it would be,” said Matt Schoch, writer for PlayMichigan. “Undefeated Michigan-Michigan State, of course, there aren’t a lot of things the Lions are betting on this year that will make the fans happy here, so that’s what’s going on now. It’ll be the biggest thing this fall.”

And The Game could propel Michigan to its best month for online sports betting. In September, the state posted $ 350 million in online sports betting.

“And with this Michigan-Michigan State game coming up this weekend, with five football weekends in October, it could be approaching $ 500 million in sports betting for the month of October,” Schoch said. “I will definitely set a record here in Michigan.”

We may never know how much The Game actually generated online gambling – the Michigan Gaming Control Board does not report numbers for individual games or sports. But sole traders can, and do, release their own amounts, and Schoch suspects they will.

“Operators will probably tell us after the weekend if this was the highest risk college football game in the country for that particular weekend, which I suspect it will be and maybe even for the entire season thus far.” , said.

For reference, Schoch believes the amount placed in the Michigan-Michigan State game this weekend will cut the amount placed in last year’s Super Bowl in half.

As for where to articulate his betting, Schoch was unable to give advice on the game, but he said he was surprised to see Michigan as a 4.5-point favorite.

“I didn’t see it was on a basket,” he said. “The fact that it’s like 4.5 right now while we’re shooting this is a pretty big number. And it seems to increase a bit, since it opened around 4 [points]. ”

So state fans may want to wait and see if that point spread increases, while Wolverine fans may want to place their bets now before Michigan ends up having to cover a larger margin. Schoch says anyway, keep your eyes peeled for promotions.

You can watch The Game on FOX 17 on Saturday, October 30 starting at noon.

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