The Most Overrated Travel Trends (That We Hope Don’t Last Past 2021)

There’s been a consensus reached that these are the most annoying things that people do while on, and after, vacations.

It’s about to get mean… really mean. At least, it’ll probably seem mean if any of these trends have graced the likes of any social media that we’re familiar with. It just needs to be said: There are certain social media trends that, really, never should have been trending so hard. There, it’s out there now.

And, now that it’s out, it’s totally acceptable to admit that many people would rather not witness these trends as 2021 comes and goes. Now that a new year is fully underway and travel is taking a stark curve away from what everyone thought it would be, some trends should definitely be going with it in the opposite way. As told by those annoyed by them, all over any public platform they can get to, these are what people hope won’t be making an appearance in 2021.

Having Everyone Over For The Classic ‘Look At My Vacation Photos’ Party

Obviously, the idea of having a slide party to show off the fantastic vacation a person just came back from went out the door prior to the 1970s. However, this is still a thing in some form or another, mainly with people getting together with their friends post-vacation and flipping through photos on their phones.

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It’s apparently not enough anymore to incite the FOMO via social media (with all 40 photo uploads per day) but now, a person must be subjected to staring at those same photos in person? For the love of all things travel, please don’t make a person sit through this after the social media algorithms already did it for you.

The Rise Of Selfie Sticks… And Selfies, In General

This isn’t to say that no one wants to see photos of people enjoying themselves during their getaways. In fact, it’s actually nice once in a while to see happy, smiling faces while on vacation… Just not from the vantage point of a stick that’s raised high in the air.

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It’s pretty certain that this not only annoys others who might be at the same landmark or attraction, but it also makes it obvious that the divide in question is actually a selfie stick, taking away a bit of the magic. Most of the time, people want to see what you’re seeing through your eyes, not photos of how much you’re enjoying staring at the camera rather than taking in an experience.

Clever Photo Ops

For example, pretending to hold the Eiffel Tower in your hand when, in reality, you’re just standing a pre-calculated distance away from it. While these photos may have incited a laugh here and there when they were first shared, they’re now redundant and worthy of all the eye rolls they get.

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Clever photos are one thing but seeking out a historic landmark just to insult it with a photo that thousands of other people have already taken, well… find a new angle. Literally.

The Hashtags… All The Hashtags

We’re looking at you, hashtag ‘blessed.’ It’s certainly not a bad thing to recognize how blessed one truly is to be able to take the vacation of a lifetime. However, being ‘blessed’ is a feeling, not a hashtag. In fact, this hashtag has made its way around social media so much that it’s become an inside joke among many communities, actually spelling out ‘hashtag blessed’ as a way of poking fun at the original trend.

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It’s gotten almost as much heat as the ‘new year, new me’ trend during New Year’s or the ‘YOLO’ hashtag that was so popular several years ago. Combine this with a selfie stick and you’ve got quite the conundrum: Are you hashtag blessed for the selfie stick or hashtag blessed for the vacation? Or, is it neither of these, and you’re just hashtag blessed to be able to poke someone’s eardrum while trying to position your selfie stick to take a photo of you and the ground? The confusion continues.

The Hundreds Of Check-Ins After ‘Unplugging’ On Vacation

Anything contradictory always gets heat on social media. People pay very close attention to what is said and what’s done (you know, actions speak louder than words) so if you claim you’re going to do something, putting actual evidence out there via social media is a form of accountability.

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That’s why so many people find it annoying when a person takes the time to type and post one thing, before contradicting it with further actions. If you’re going unplugged, stay unplugged and enjoy it! If you don’t want to be unplugged, then don’t be unplugged. It’s really that simple.

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