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These two successful lifestyle brands were founded by a man’s love for the woman he adores.

What inspires you to take a leap of faith, to pursue a dream that seems out of reach? What drives you to persevere through challenges in pursuit of a passion, even when the odds seem to be against you?

For two local brands, these are all elements of an ancient story: good old-fashioned love and unwavering faith in the stories they tell through their products.

In the 1970s, young scientist Dr. Lee Kum Tatt, driven by his desire to keep his promise to immortalize orchids for his wife, discovered a way to encapsulate natural orchids in gold that would later become the iconic symbol of local jewelry and lifestyle brand RISIS. . When the brand was first launched at CK Tang in 1976, 3,000 gold-plated orchids were sold within mornings, planting the seed from which RISIS’s business would flourish for the next three decades.

Likewise, the beginnings of the fragrance brand Scent by SIX date back to the day when founder Jason Lee offered his girlfriend the first fragrance he created. This scent that had hints of green tea and lavender as a tribute to his Hokkaido vacation, as well as a second, was also offered to his wedding guests, and the positive reception gave him the confidence to give up a promising career in one of the largest perfume companies in the world and starting your own business.

Made with passion, backed by dedication
The fascinating origins of these two brands have made them an indelible part of local history.

RISIS and Scent by SIX are two of the 64 brands recently recognized under the Made With Passion initiative launched in November 2020 by the Singapore Trademark Office and the Singapore Tourism Board and endorsed by Enterprise Singapore. The initiative aims to promote consumer awareness and support local brands that are strong representations of Singapore’s diverse lifestyle sector, across all four categories of Beauty & Wellness Lifestyle, Fashion & Accessories, Goods for the home and home decoration and packaged food and drink.

Through this, Made With Passion also hopes to inspire brand owners and Singaporeans to passionately pursue their dreams and enable cross-brand collaboration opportunities to foster new product innovations. Since then, a total of 111 brands have been recognized under the initiative.

While passion may have provided the initial spark for the creation of RISIS and Scent by SIX, it is the commitment to quality control and constant innovation that has sustained them as the world’s iconic brands. Recognition of passion. .

At the heart of RISIS ‘highly regarded jewelry and lifestyle pieces is a painstaking manufacturing process to immortalize precious orchids in their prime in bloom.

This means picking fresh orchids in an air-conditioned facility, selecting only the most complete orchids with delicate shapes, preserving these exquisite flowers in a thin layer of copper, before the piece de resistance – the 24-karat gold plating process, that sprinkles the orchid. in a bright golden hue. It is labor intensive, but an essential part of the identity of the RISIS brand, a special technique that is applied to the preservation of other organic materials such as roses, ferns, seeds and foliage to create items such as brooches, earrings, necklaces and other decorations. .

However, the ultimate test of a brand’s longevity is its ability to meet challenges, in order to provide a consistent high-quality product, while remaining true to the Made With Passion ethic of maintaining a good reputation and having a good reputation. loyal customer base.

At the beginning of the pandemic, Ms Verene Ng, CEO of RISIS, had to guide the company through supply chain challenges as it embarked on a rebranding exercise to market RISIS to another generation. young man. To breathe new life into orchid creations, RISIS has collaborated with four local fashion designers, including one from a well-known brand as part of the Made With Passion initiative, and plans to launch the new product lines in the first quarter of 2022. the user experience in its e-commerce platform to adapt it to the rebranding exercise is also underway

Perseverance in the face of challenges
The challenge for Scent by SIX is to find a way to stand out in a crowded market dominated by European fragrance brands. To do this, Mr. Lee’s six-scent set uses the main ingredients of each scent to highlight the stories and inspirations behind each variation. In this way, it invites the user on a journey of self-discovery and exploration.

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