These Were The Most Google’ed Desserts In 2020… And The Most Popular Wasn’t Banana Bread

According to Google, it was a surprise that there wasn’t a national banana shortage… although we cut it close with flour.

Everyone required comfort food in 2020 and it was an unspoken rule that every household needed at least one loaf of banana bread in the freezer, stocked and waiting for the days when we ‘couldn’t even.’ There’s a science behind why certain foods make us feel so much better and while that’s not something we’re diving into, we are diving into the specific foods that made everyone feel a bit better during a year that was anything but spectacular.

Google had the last word in terms of what the most-searched entries were and while we know what foods, in general, were searched, it’s interesting to see what desserts the world was looking for. It was a big year for baking (and for anyone who’s interested in a little help in that department, there are some great baking subscription kits out there) and many people discovered that they could actually make their favorites right in their own homes.

‘Easy Cake’

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The best part about Google’s released data is the fact that there’s no context – so while it’s true that no one knows what a person meant by typing ‘easy cake’ into the search bar, it’s interesting to think about. Did this imply an Easy-Bake cake? A cake that was actually easy to bake? Or perhaps it was meant to be ‘easy as cake?’ Whatever the case may be, it’d be a lie for anyone to say they weren’t curious about what pops up when searching ‘easy cake’ now.

‘Rice Pudding’

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This was not a surprise as rice pudding is definitely one of the biggest comfort foods out there when it comes to sweets. There’s not much to hate about this dessert and since it is so easy to make with such few ingredients, we’re sure that this would have run a close second to banana bread. It also keeps pretty well and can technically be eaten for breakfast if you call it porridge, so no judgment here.

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‘Apple Crumble’

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The common theme throughout most of these dessert searches is the fact that they’re fairly simple to make and can be made with ingredients that are on-hand. Since apple-picking season came during a time when a large part of the population could entertain a socially-distant outing, there were many households that probably found themselves with a surplus of apples. The other aspect of this that accounts for so many apple-themed searches is likely due to the fact that this autumn, everyone wanted to add a bit more cheer to their homes, thus, it was a big season for baking this year. It just makes you feel good.

‘Banana Bread’

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Of course, 2020’s dessert of the year was banana bread. One of the most searched terms was, specifically, ‘healthy banana bread,’ which means that people were craving something familiar while also being conscious about their food choices. Overall, it’s a little surprising that there was no shortage of bananas due to the fact that so many people were baking these delicious loaves over the last year, but we’re thankful that didn’t happen.


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The recipes for most scones are very simple. There is a chemistry that one must master in order to have scones that aren’t too dry, though, which is a common complaint about many of them. In reality, these slightly sweet cakes are meant to be eaten with a cup of tea so their dryness is (mostly) irrelevant. With that being said, for some reason, there’s a fascination with them that extends far past Britain, where they’re most commonly eaten.

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‘Soda Bread’

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Perhaps the most surprising search term on this list was soda bread. It’s quite unusual that anyone would randomly want to bake up a loaf of this simply-flavored bread outside of St. Patrick’s Day but alas, here we are… nothing else in 2020 has made sense so it actually makes sense that this wouldn’t either. According to Better Homes & Gardens, it makes sense that this bread would be made during quarantine due to the fact that it has a simple ingredient list and requires no yeast.

‘Banana Pudding’

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Ah, Google couldn’t escape it that easy! While the most searched recipe for dessert of 2020 wasn’t banana bread, it was indeed banana pudding. It wasn’t clear until this past year how strong the love is for bananas but if nothing else, this is the knowledge we’ve walked away with. According to The Daily Meal, ten states overwhelmingly searched the term ‘banana pudding’ with an 11th searching for ‘banana pudding cake.’ If there is a shortage of bananas, Florida, Arkansas, Alabama, Missouri, Illinois, Tennessee, South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, and Georgia are likely where we can find more.

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