Today’s letters: The Order of Canada for Dr. Etches?

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The world will never solve its carbon production problem if the population, already too high for the planet, continues to grow. A decline in global numbers will make it that much easier to get our consumption down to where it needs to be.

Yes, the imbalance between the number of seniors and those of working age is a problem, but that problem can be solved without trying to push our birth rate up. Let’s
applaud those would-be parents who decide to limit themselves to zero, one or two children.

Ian McMaster, Ottawa

Canada should emulate Argentina’s wealth tax

Canada would be wise to emulate Argentina’s recent adoption of a onetime wealth tax of one per cent on those earning more than $1 million a year. The Argentine measure was designed to fund the post-COVID-19 recovery and slow the growth of the federal deficit. Recently, the governing Liberals, Conservatives and Bloc Québécois combined to reject a similar NDP motion that would have reduced Canada’s huge and growing deficit.

A similar wealth tax proposal in the United Kingdom was estimated capable of raising nearly $440 billion to rebuild that nation’s tottering infrastructure and reduce borrowing. Like Canada’s, Britain’s political establishment refused to even consider the idea of wealth taxes. Both nations tax wage earnings at a higher rate than investment income to ostensibly encourage “risk takers.” A Canadian wealth tax enjoys broad popular support but lacks what we call political support, an odd contradiction.