Twin Bing ice cream flings to popularity

LARCHWOOD, IA (KTIV) – For about a month, Twin Bings and ice cream lovers have come together to enjoy a new delicious treat.

Stensland Creamery in Larchwood, Iowa and Palmer Candy in Sioux City teamed up to create the “Twin Bing Dream Ice Cream.” Since then, it’s been flying off the shelves.

Twin Bings have been a favorite of Siouxlanders for decades. In 1923 Palmer Candy Company’s Bing Candy Bar was born. Bings originally came in four flavors: maple, vanilla, pineapple, and cherry. Today the cherry bing is still produced by hand, remaining a regional favorite.

So how did the famous Bing end up in a famous ice cream brand?

“This is something that’s going to be around for a long time because Twin Bing has been,” said Doug Stensland, owner of Stensland Family Farms. “It’s not something you’re going to get sick of.”

Stensland Farms may be a name you recognize. They’ve mostly been a family farm, milking cows and sending that milk off.

“Then about four years ago when we did the processing plant,” said Stensland. “It’s been a big change for us, but what it’s done is kept the next generations involved.”

The next generation of tasters that is.

“We have nine family members involved in the operation,” said Stensland. “So there is a lot of taste testers. So there are a lot of opinions.”

And those tasters have helped shape a new ice cream.

“Concerning the Twin Bing, that’s been a favorite of our families for years,” said Stensland. “My wife and I, we just love the Twin Bing. So she said let’s play around with that Twin Bing and see if we can’t get a good Twin Bing ice cream.”

Six to seven months later, the “Twin Bing Dream Ice Cream” was born.
But they wanted to make sure they got the green light from Palmer first.

“Boys went down there with some ice cream and had them try it, and they go ‘boy this is really good ice cream,'” said Stensland. “And I think at that time we kind of got their blessing that we were going to mess around with it and see what we could do.”

And what they created, took off. Demand for the Twin Bing ice cream has grown and now it’s hard to find. But more goes into it than just grabbing the tube from your freezer.

During the creation of the ice cream, milk is piped up to a plate cooler. Then the pasteurization process begins. The milk gets cooled down and runs through the separator — separating cream from the milk to give it the cream base.

“And then we will take some standardized milk and cream and add to this tri-blender right here and in there will be the other ingredients that are added to make up our ice cream mix,” said Stensland.

Once that’s mixed up, it’s piped over to the filler and put into gallon jugs, and put in a cooler. All of that to get the vanilla base used for Twin Bing ice cream.

“I watch the girls and there is a variegate that they add to it,” said Stensland. “Then of course one of the biggest ingredients, of course, would be the Twin Bing. We have a few other ingredients that we play around with that we add to it to give it a little more extra this and that.”

But Stensland is staying pretty hush hush about those ingredients…

“Secret ingredients?” asked KTIV’s Michaela Feldmann.

“Oh yeah gotta have those you know,” responded Stensland.

But as demand rose, Stensland said they ran into another problem.

“We couldn’t get containers, we couldn’t get supplies, and so we were going to launch this, and then it ended up we had trouble getting all of this stuff,” said Stensland.

Stensland added they’ll continue working to keep the shelves stocked and plan to keep up their partnership with Palmer.

“It’s going to be a fun ride for the Palmer’s and us too,” said Stensland.

So what’s next for Twin Bing Ice Cream? Stensland said right now, you’ll likely only find the ice cream up at the creamery in Larchwood, in Sioux Falls, or at Palmer Candy Company.

“If we would extend out any farther we couldn’t keep up,” said Stensland. “Basically we are just working at limited areas and as we get a little more time, we’ll be able to keep up with this, and so this has been a great push for us to get something like this to come out.”

Stensland said the plan is to get it into Hy-vees and Fareways. But, he said that can’t happen until they get their containers and supplies in place and get more people on staff to help with the demand.