Ultimate Games Announces New Title In Works With Smuggler Simulator

Ultimate Games revealed today they have a brand new simulator title in the works as they’re developing Smuggler Simulator. Adding to the large pile of simulation games set to come out over the next few years, this one will send you down the path of an illegal trader who will be carrying out missions and different places to smuggle goods from one location to another. All while using creative means and ploys to do so. The game is in early development and right now probably won’t see the light of day until 2023. For now, you can read more on it below and check out early screenshots.

Credit: Ultimate Games

Smuggler Simulator is a singleplayer focused game with a 3D open world and procedurally generated missions and locations. The title will allow you to make a career in a very risky “profession” and move various goods across borders in a more or less spectacular manner. The key to success will be a cunning and creative approach to challenges, involving transferring goods and other commodities while remaining unnoticed. The extensive crafting system, as well as maintaining and upgrading tools of the trade, will also play a significant role.

According to the creators, individual tasks can be performed in different ways, and players’ creativity will play a vital role. For example, they will be able to use traditional smuggling tricks or decide to go for a solution taken straight out of Jackass. Smuggler Simulator will also offer very diverse locations in different parts of the world and, thanks to the procedural generation system, each gameplay session will prove unique.

“Smuggling is an old profession, practiced around the world both in times of progressing globalisation and during trade wars, transport restrictions and mass closing of borders. Smuggler Simulator is a completely unique proposition, in which the player will have to display great cunning and almost crazy levels of creativity. At the same time, our new game will reward you with a big dose of adrenaline and humour” – said Rafał Jelonek, CEO at 3T Games.

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