What Is The Ultimate Boxed Brownie Mix? Reddit Decides

With everyone taking up baking in lieu of being homebound, the question had to be asked… And there wasn’t even a debate on Reddit.

Believe it or not, there is quite the debate over the hierarchy of boxed brownie mixes…  Because, apparently, this is a thing that does exist. Among the debate is one fan favorite that everyone  – regardless of walnuts vs. no walnuts, extra chips vs. no chips – can agree on, even on Reddit, where everyone has an opinion and none of them are the same. With this ultimate answer in our sights, it was time for another round of ‘since everyone is at home baking right now while awaiting safe travel, which boxed brownie mixes deserve to be on our shelves?’.

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The countdown to the ultimate brownie mix might be surprising. It could be unsettling. It might even be a bit thrilling if you’re the type of person to relish a good game and appreciate the effort that goes into eating your way through batches of brownies. But above all, remember this: It’s a brownie eat brownie world out there and we’re just livin’ in it… for the sake of chocolate.

Best Fudgy: Duncan Hines Milk Chocolate Brownie Mix

via Taste of Home

It should be said before this brownie mix takes the title of ‘best fudgy’ mix that the fudge-like texture is often unintended. While Duncan Hines is a classic for many people, the fact that it rarely goes cake-like is a benefit for a majority of the population. After all, if a brownie that has a cake-like texture is desired, well… there’s chocolate cake mix to scratch that itch.

Best Gluten-Free: King Arthur Flour Gluten-Free Fudge Brownie Mix

via Celiac and the Beast

Gluten-free baking has absolutely exploded over the last few years and we’re happy to see it. With that being said, there was a bit of a miniature war over which gluten-free brand of brownie mix was the best and, of course, it had to go to King Arthur Flour. Despite the ‘flour’ in the name of this company, it should be known that they specialize in all manner of baking mixes, not just those that aren’t gluten-free. You’ll never miss the AP flour in this batch of brownies.

Best Rich Brownie Mix: Trader Joe’s Brownie Truffle Baking Mix

via Reddit

While the texture leaves something to be desired (these are a bit more cake-like than most brownies), Trader Joe’s makes the list with the use of boosted chocolate in the form of chocolate chips. The result is a brownie that has an unreal flavor, on par with those rich, restaurant-style brownies on the dessert menu that are always served slightly warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the side. They’re delicious and while it’s not the top-ranking brownie mix, it’s a solid A.

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Best Funky: Pillsbury Funfetti Chocolate Fudge Premium Brownie Mix

via Pinterest

Pillsbury brownie mixes are great, to begin with. If it weren’t for Duncan Hines and its unintentional fudge party, Pillsbury would definitely come in the lead with both the fudge factor and the flavor factor. However, Pillsbury also sports a different type of brownie: The Funfetti brownie. This automatically takes the lead as the funkiest (in a good way) brownie out there, as there’s something about the child-like combination that just makes a party that much peppier.

Best Nostalgic: Betty Crocker Fudge Brownie Mix

via The Grizzly Express

Betty Crocker is the brand that most of us grew up eating and, as an added perk, it’s usually on sale or sporting a buy one, get one free deal. There was nothing like coming home and seeing a box of this mix out on the kitchen counter or walking into our grandparent’s houses and smelling these brownies in the oven. The scent alone evokes a nostalgic feel that brings us back to our childhoods, full of perfectly fudgy, warm, decadent brownies, brought to you by Betty Crocker and this boxed mix. Were it not for the last brownie mix on the list, this would undoubtedly be in the first place.

The Best: Ghirardelli Chocolate Triple Fudge Premium Brownie Mix

via Reddit

Overwhelmingly, without a doubt, the number one brand of boxed brownie mix to ever hit the shelves was brought to us by Ghirardelli. There’s some kind of magic in this mix and we’re pretty sure it’s thanks to the fact that Ghirardelli chocolate is some of the best out there. These brownies are on another level of decadence entirely, featuring a melt-in-your-mouth texture, a flavor that could turn the biggest of chocolate haters into a chocolate lover, and, as Reddit user onsereverra put it, “Ghirardelli mix is the best and there’s no room for argument.” We’d have to agree.

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