Who is Caitlin Burles and what does she do?

Caitlin Burles played the role of Gal Gadot’s body double in Wonder Woman 1984. Pic credit: @caitlinburles/Instagram

Caitlin Burles, a model and actress best known for her work as Gal Gadot’s body double in multiple films, recently took to Instagram to share behind-the-scenes photos from Wonder Woman 1984.

One of the photos (see below) showing her in the red, blue, and gold Wonder Woman costume is a full-length photo while the other is a close-up selfie.

“Can finally share some of my picture doubling looks from #wonderwoman1984… starting with my favorite one first,” Burles wrote. “Another amazing movie to be a part of. Crazy to think I did my first movie with @gal_gadot 6 years ago… and what a journey it’s been… @wonderwomanfilm.”

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She later posted another set of photos (see below) that show her in a different close-fitting costume. She told her followers that she used the costume to film Wonder Woman 1984 scenes in which she played the role of an Amazon athlete.

Who is Caitlin Burles?

Caitlin Burles is a model and actress who played Gal Gadot’s body double in Criminal (2016), Wonder Woman (2017), Justice League, and Wonder Woman 1984 (2020).

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According to her IMDb page, she played stand-in roles in Mary Queen of Scots (2018) and a stunt/riding double for actress Olga Kurylenko in Johnny English Strikes Again (2018).

She also played minor acting roles in Wonder Woman and Justice League. She played Queen’s Guard in Wonder Woman and art thief in Justice League, according to IMDb.

Caitlin Burles on social media

You can find Caitlin Burles here on Instagram where she has more than 20,000 followers.

According to her Instagram profile page, Burles is represented by MiLK Management London.

Burles shared photos from the Justice League set back in July

Burles made headlines back in July 2020 when she took to Instagram to share behind-the-scenes photos from Justice League.

One photo (see below) shows her costumed as Wonder Woman and holding the long sword that Wonder Woman used in the battle against Steppenwolf.

Burles reportedly substituted for Gal Gadot in many scenes during the filming of Justice League.

Gadot was pregnant during the filming of Justice League.  She revealed on Live With Kelly and Ryan that she suffered bouts of nausea and vomiting due to her pregnancy.

This likely meant that the directors had to rely more on Burles as a stand-in for Gadot.

Gadot also reportedly clashed with director Joss Whedon on the set of Justice League. She reportedly refused to shoot a scene where The Flash fell on Wonder Woman’s body

I doubt we’ll ever get specifics from Ray Fisher re Joss Whedon, but here’s one I was the first to report:

Gal Gadot didn’t want to film this scene, so Whedon did it w/ a stunt double. That’s why you can’t see her face.#DC #DCEU pic.twitter.com/efliLlY2EW

— Grace Randolph (@GraceRandolph) July 1, 2020

Whedon reportedly had to bring in a body double to shoot the scene.

Monsters and Critics reported in October that Gal Gadot has been cast as Cleopatra in an upcoming film directed by Patty Jenkins.

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